The website was formed by John Boardley in 2007 as a blog dedicated to all matters related to typography and type design. In October 2020, we (Nadine Chahine, John Boardley, and Julia Hiles) got together and started planning the transformation of the site into an e-commerce platform for font distribution. The new site went live on June 28, 2021.

So now, I Love Typography is a font distribution platform that combines font discovery and licensing with its signature blog content. It combines the original ilt signature content dedicated to all matters type, with an innovative e-commerce platform that re-imagines font discovery and licensing. It brings to market the most powerful search capabilities yet with a system, based on type descriptors and dubbed with the acronym CEDARS+, that empowers users to find typefaces based on formal qualities that can be as general as the rhythm of the typeface and as detailed as the shape of the serif.

While we work hard to launch and grow the site, we are focused on empowering independent foundries and creating a customer experience that is rooted in the joys of discovering and licensing new fonts. We also want to create a platform where independent foundries can thrive and maintain control of their business models. We believe that such a twin-speared approach can help foster a creative ecosystem that celebrates the beauty of the written word.

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