You can license the font for someone else, we will tell you how.

We will ask you at the checkout stage to tell us the name of the company (or person) that the license is for. We call this company (or person) the 'Licensee'. This is your change to tell us the details of who will be using the fonts.

It is essential that the font foundry knows who has a license for their fonts, so this means that it is not possible for you to license for one organisation and then decide to share it with another. If you are an agency purchasing webfonts on behalf of a brand, then please put the details of the brand on the license. If it is a webfont then you are able to use this to create the website for that brand, but you (as the agency) would need your own desktop fonts.

For specific and detailed instructions and where and how you can use a font, please read the relevant Foundry Partner's EULA